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Our Company will grow, harvest, process and sell almonds and other fine agricultural products of our own and for others.  We are committed to be the industry leader in quality, efficiency and profitability, through teamwork, innovation and our unparalleled dedication to our customers, suppliers, employees and owner.

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

It is the responsibility of the Chico Nut Management to provide the process by which employees receive the skills and knowledge to carry out the functions of their jobs. All Department Heads are responsible for ensuring that personnel within their departments are properly trained to perform their work and to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions.

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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

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The California Almond Board recommends that almonds be stored at a maximum temperature of 45 degrees F (7 degrees C.) with a relative humidity of approximately 60%. The shelf life of raw almonds is two years properly stored, refrigerated, and humidified. It is acceptable to store almond products at ambient temperatures (less than 90 degrees F) to ensure a minimum shelf life of 12 months from the date of production. (Although if kept at ambient temp. product must be fumigated regularly to avoid stored product pests) Almonds products can be distributed (truck, vessel, and air) under ambient conditions. Refrigeration is not necessary for distribution.

Product Intended Use and Profile

Almonds are sold as inshell, shelled whole, naturally or split and broken. Raw almonds produced at Chico Nut are sold in large quantities directly to customers who will further process them to meet the needs of their products sold to the consumer.

The potential for mishandling almond products is minimal because they are not frozen and do not require refrigeration. The packaging of these products is of the highest integrity. If product is packaged in fiber bins, a poly liner is placed inside the bulk tote before the filling operation and the liner is folded over the product before the top is added. Almonds are also packaged in poly super sacks and occasionally in 50-pound cartons. The cartons are completely sealed and palletized. Package integrity is monitored to ensure the absence of holes and other methods of contamination.

Product Packaging Types and Requirements

Chico Nut packages in 2200-pound super sacks, 2200-pound fiber bins w/poly liners, 50-pound cardboard boxes, and 10-kilo boxes, depending on customer specifications.

Labeling information is based on customer requirements. All packages are properly labeled with the product description, weight, bin tag number, and pack date for traceability purposes. View Chico Nut Company’s Packaging Options

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP)

Harvesting Process
Almonds are harvested and dried on the ground until the meat moisture content is below 6%.

Incoming at Chico Nut Huller and Sheller
Almonds are received at CNC Hulling and Shelling from the grower and weighed. A field run test will be performed on each lot testing for moisture, insect, and mold damage. If the nuts are to be shelled, they will go through the hulling process. Samples representing the lot will be taken after hulling and set aside for USDA testing. Growers are paid on the result of the USDA incoming test.

Chico Nut Inspectors/personnel perform test evaluations and visual inspection for overall product appearance, moisture content, almond size/count, embedded shell, chipped/scratched, broken, variety, foreign material, package/case text, pack date, and package weight. All packed loads are tested for Aflatoxin and microbiological testing is performed for Salmonella. When specifically requested by the customer, other information such as Yeast/Mold, plate count, and E-Coli are preformed. Microbiological testing is sent to an accredited laboratory for all testing.

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Audit Accreditations

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